Sell Your Oil and Gas Wells Operated by Other Companies

Gain Control of Your Time and Money

Eliminate the distraction.

Oil and gas wells you do not operate often surprise you with the need for urgent capital expenditures.

This forces you to spend your time and money on wells you do not control.

 The Watchmen Energy Team stands ready to purchase those unpredictable wells.

USA Lower 48 Oil and Gas Wells (Enverus)

USA Lower 48 Oil and Gas Wells (Enverus)

Sell with speed and confidence.

Selling your wells through a broker will cost you months and a commission.

Deal directly with your buyer – the Watchmen Team.

Start your process with us and know the value of your wells in a matter of days. We have been evaluating oil and gas assets since 1980 and actively buying them at top dollar since 1997.

Not sure what your oil and gas wells are worth?

Read the Watchmen Guide to Estimating Oil and Gas Values.

Texas Oil and Gas Wells

Texas Oil and Gas Wells (Enverus)

Sell your wells in 4 easy steps.



Collect 13 months of revenue
checks and bills.



Contact Watchmen.
Discuss your value.



Agree on a
fair price.



Enjoy control of your
time and money.

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